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> Hard Enduro South Africa CGI intro

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Hard Enduro South Africa CGI intro

The Brief:

Create a 5-10 second intro for Hard Enduro South Africa which the beautiful and gritty nature of mountain biking.

The Problem:

Hard Enduro needs a proffessional, eye catching intro which aligns with their brand, condensed into 5-10 seconds.

My Solution:

I designed a lifelike 3D setting that mirrors the breathtaking outdoor scenery of the Roof of Africa, incorporating realistic dust and water simulations. Within this environment, a mountain bike races through a rugged dirt track. The logo seamlessly blends into the surroundings, and an exhilarating animation depicts the logo being propelled into the air, capturing the essence of the extreme sport that is hard enduro.

My Learnings:

I acquired skills in generating dust simulations, utilized the Botaniq addon for crafting authentic natural environments, and learnt to create water puddle simulations resulting from the impact of bike tires, I also used an addon to add simulated camera shake for when the bike drove past to add impact.