About Me

Selfie of Timothy Wolf

I'm a young South African designer and I create proffessional, realistic, attention grabbing, 3d product animations with clean transitions. I completed my education through Vega School with a BA in Digital Design and Development.

I enjoy creating aesthetic solutions with a focus on technical skills. I value Honesty, reliability and practicality. I make sure that any work I do for a client is done speedily without sacrifice to detail. While I may be introverted in nature, when it comes to subjects I'm passionate about, I'm all in, ensuring every aspect is considered and perfected.I take a logical and practical approach to design ensuring efficiency.

I’ve played professionally in Rocket League and I take inspiration for my approach with learning design as I did from learning gaming mechanics, namely working as hard as possible to push myself to greater and greater technical feats.

Timothy Wolf
3d Product Animation
+27 060 758 7620