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Gaming Mouse Product Animation

The Brief:

Create an exciting and engaging product animation for Redragons M711 Cobra Mouse that will appeal to 16-28 year old males which shows the products unique selling points.

The Problem:

I needed to show how redragons main selling points are their RGB lights, they are good for gaming and affordable in a way that appeals to the target demographic.

My Solution:

I created a highly edited product animation with many quick transitions and visual effects to retain attention and used a distorted sci-fi gamery aesthetic which takes inspiration from Cyberpunk 2077. I also chose a song that fit the sci-fi gamer style which allowed for fast interesting transitions. I used dark scenes to compliment the lighting and added noise and grain to add to the aesthetics.

My Learnings:

I improved my motion graphic skills, geometry nodes, lighting techniques, modeling skills,smoke simulations and editing.